A new acquisition for IK Investments

Forthglade pet foods makes some of the best Pet food in the world, www.forthglade.com, sure the dogs didn’t confirm that as they cant speak English but the speed at which they devour the food in the bowl tells us they agree. Ik Investments bought Forthglade with the aim of taking the Devon based pet food company to the next level. The video was shown to the IK Investment board to showcase the new company they would now be taking forward.

I’ve already recommended you to a colleague of mine, we will be reaching out to you for all of our future video content!

Nastasja Vojvodic – IK Investment Partners

The great thing about this video is it can be sent company wide at the click of a button, ensuring your board of directors and colleagues can keep up to date with your company in a short impactful video. And all from the comfort of their office!

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