We would like to be more than your external video supplier – bring us onboard and we will be your trusted creative partner. At New Fruit, we are proud to have lasting relationships with all our clients. They know they can pick up the phone to us anytime and we’ll hit the ground running with a full understanding of their brand, ethos and personality. 

VPS thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from working with New Fruit. This very experienced and extremely talented team produce such high quality, professional products and services and we will definitely be looking to work with them again in the future.

Steve Bee, Commercial Director – VPS VERTIAS

Corporate video benefits

Video is now frequently an integral part of a firms marketing and communications strategy. 

There are so many benefits to using video production. Videos help showcase your brand identity and services, drives lead generation and is the clearest and quickest way to share messaging. 

Videos are a deft marketing tool that can be employed to promote or attract, to inform or to excite. You can teach, you can sell – whilst simultaneously reinforcing your brand personality. 

Done right, your corporate video will connect, engage and inspire. For us, successful corporate video is the kind of creative content that will show the human side of your business, telling your story in a way that will resonate. 

Corporate video for small business

Are you a small business? Don’t assume that creative video content is beyond your reach!  We are happy to discuss all budgets big and small. As a small company, you can use corporate video production to: 

  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Promote your services
  • Shout about your unique value

Corporate video for large companies

The same goes for larger firms of course. In addition, established and bigger corporates often employ creative content as part of their brand strategy for:

  • Internal communications
  • Training
  • Team building

Whatever your business, there are lots of different ways to make video work for you.

Here’s some examples

Types of Corporate Videos

  1. Case studies
    Remember how a picture speaks a thousand words? Video is the best way to bring your case studies to life and show your audience the heart behind the story.
  2. Training videos
    Video is without question the best way to immediately engage your audience. It’s also much more digestible and allows your trainees to work at their own pace and in their own time. 
  3. Event highlights
    Capture the energy and the buzz from your event, as well as having a record of everything that happened to refer to in the future. Planning is key here, and we work closely with you before the event to make sure we don’t miss any of the action during production. 
  4. Conference filming
    Create a record of all talks and thoughts generated during your corporate conference, as well as sharing it virtually with a wider audience after the event.
  5. Explainer videos
    Highlight your product or service in a truly compelling and concise way. This type of video production works brilliantly for problem/ solution explainers, allowing you to provide clarity and reassuring your customers that you are the best people for the job.
  6. Recruitment videos
    Video is a fantastic way to demonstrate your value as an employer, as well as showcasing a company that is attractive to work for. 

Why should you use New Fruit for your corporate video production?

Because our corporate clients stay with us. We bring the full depth of our years of experience to offer dynamic creative solutions. We take time and relish conversation that sparks ideas, for a fully collaborative approach. And then we’ll ensure that any content we create for you can be re-purposed and maximised across social platforms and beyond. 

If you are considering video production as part of your corporate marketing strategy, please do give us a call or fill out the form below – we’d love to discuss how we might be able to help.

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