Why Video will make all the difference to your fundraising?

Drone filming is one of the very best ways to elevate your video production and give the feel of a sweeping Hollywood blockbuster, without the sky-high production costs! No longer the preserve of big-budget films, drone filming is an innovative asset that we love to employ when creating projects for our clients. There are multiple benefits to aerial drone photography, including: 

Elevated Brand Experience

Sweeping vistas and a bird’s eye view of the landscape adds drama and gravitas to your video. In some instances, the footage can be quite literally breath-taking. Drone footage elevates the production quality of your projects to a whole new level of wow.

Creative Freedom

Aerial filming allows us to shoot footage from a completely unique perspective, as well as in locations that might otherwise be inaccessible. It is honestly one of our favourite services to offer, as it adds so much impact to your video.

Reduced Cost

Compared to using a helicopter to capture aerial footage, drones are a much more cost-effective way of filming. 

Aside from bringing a mesmerising perspective to your content, drone video footage is a sure-fire way to elicit that invaluable emotional response from your audience. It is phenomenally engaging – and the beautiful imagery adds visual value to your video, too.

What types of filming can you use drones for?

Showcasing a location

Employing drone footage is a great way to demonstrate expansive property size, proximity to transportation, and geographically orientate your viewer.

Capturing fast action or large outdoor events

Drones are widely used for outdoor event coverage, including live streaming. By capturing an aerial view of the event, you can highlight attendance, offer an overall perspective of the scale and attractions and provide coverage of any action that may be taking place.

Documenting outdoor and large-scale industries

Aerial photography is often used to document the work of construction, landscaping, roofing or other similar businesses. Drones footage offers you an impressive way to share renovation progress with your clients, and we can easily repurpose that content for marketing to prospective customers via your website and socials.

Event Marketing

Aerial photography is also a hot trend in event marketing – employed for everything from live streaming to location scouting!

What kind of filming techniques can you use for drone filming?

  • Slide: Captures a subject passing by the drone
  • Panning: Provides a bird’s-eye perspective
  • Tracking shot: Follows a moving subject, usually from behind
  • Fly-by: Captures footage from a drone flying through a narrow area, for example in the space between two buildings
  • Reveal: Reveals a subject by flying over backward before bringing it into focus
  • Orbit: This filming technique captures footage from a drone circling a static object

Are there restrictions to drone filming?

In a word, yes! There are both legal and logistic restrictions that as a production company we must adhere to. When we use drones for filming services, we have to be familiar with aircraft legislation as well as any and all procedures that relate to aerial filming. 

The flying of any drone or model aircraft in the UK is covered by Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations.

Aside from the piloting qualifications, air traffic control restrictions and various other permissions from the civil aviation authority and any landowners, we also need to take into consideration the weather forecast, any local obstructions and whether the airspace is hospitable for drone filming. 

Why New Fruit for your Drone Filming Services?

There are now lots of companies out there that offer aerial photography and footage, but not many of them have the depth of experience in film that we do. Our vision and inherent sense of what makes a captivating video gives us the edge in producing visually stunning aerial filming that leaves a lasting impression.

If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it – and no project is too large or too small! Call us today or fill out the form below and let’s begin the journey to creating an exceptional film for you.

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